JUSTICE WATCH IRELAND (JWI) is an NGO human rights organisation currently in the process of becoming a registered charity.

JWI was founded by dedicated human rights campaigners early in 2013 and a number of Miscarriage Of Justice (MOJ) activists involved with the ‘Justice for the Craigavon Two’ campaign.

Our Ambassador of true justice and best advocate in the fight against Miscarriages of Justice is Gerry Conlon (Guildford Four).

As an organisation we are dedicated to giving a voice to those who wrongly fall foul of the justice system.

We identify where miscarriages of justice can occur due to legislation and, where it has been inflicted on individuals. We lobby on their behalf ensuring maximum public awareness.

We also provide an advocacy service helping people who are still inside prison claiming their innocence.

We help people gain access to the best defence lawyers available as well as forensic and medical experts where required. We can provide access to contacts within the media, to help raise the profile of their cases and bring cases to the public’s attention.

We assist innocent people and their families, both in prison and on their release. These services are not restricted to prisoners but are also offered to their extended family and friends who need support and guidance

We operate as a non-profitmaking organisation with a strict non-discrimination policy.

Although we are a non-political organisation we will put miscarriages of justice on the political agenda.

We currently receive no funding for the crucial work JWI undertake.


Why do you need JWI?

We are a unique organisation who work solely in Ireland, both North and South, with the experience, determination and knowledge to deal with the legacy of a troubled Ireland by working on behalf of innocent people.

The prison population has doubled in the past 20 years, and the fact that no one has ever been held responsible for an abuse or miscarriage of justice, has led to a steady growth of innocent people going to Prison.

The widespread effect of wrongful conviction extends not only to the wrongfully accused but also to their families (who become but victims themselves).

We offer care and support to all victims.

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Shaun mc caughey | December 25, 2013 at 11:12 pm
I am persuing an out of date appeal which is currently before The Lord Chief Justice Declan Morgan . I would like to discuss it with some one. I was convicted after 3 trials in which some of the jury members were tampered with. Video footage to back up this.

admin | January 4, 2014 at 9:58 pm
Hello Shaun, could you email your details to admin@jwi.ie and from there we can get in contact with you regarding your case. Thanks Admin

Hugh Murphy | April 10, 2014 at 9:45 am
Jack O’Connor of SIPTU is covering up the betrayal of Lakin and Connolly at Belfast Docks. I was sacked by an unholy alliance of Union and employer which called itself The Joint Disciplinary Committee. This body was run by the ex union chairman Jim Austin who sold out the Dockers and joined the employers as Labour Controller. I was sacked because I would not discharge Asbestos without protection.
Several videos on the web show the Dying Dockers tell of the Union’s persecution. And Billy Brown [who has also got Asbestosis] tells of the trauma of watching his two brothers did from it.
No so-called Human Rights body in Ireland, or newspaper will expose this scandal.
I believe in Trade Unionism when run for the working man – not for the benefit of self seeking self serving hypocrites.